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Transactional Bulk SMS also called as SMS (Short Messaging Service) which has additional features like Identity on who is sending (Six Character SENDER ID), 24x7x365 Days of Delivery. Most advantages of Transactional SMS is, it can deliver on DND & Non-DND Numbers both.

There may be a delay or ban on Promotional Bulk SMS but never a delay or ban on Transactional Bulk SMS because it place playing crucial role on 90% of Indian Business.

Promotional Bulk SMS is the SMS (Short Messaging Service) using which thousands of people can be reached in order to advertise about some offers on products or services that the companies provide.

It  predominantly used to promote the product or services through which they can generate leads or bring the traffic to their website.

The best and easiest way of delivering OTPs is through the SMS channel.

IndiaMSG offers One-Time Passwords (OTPs) using SMS delivery services which can be further used to authenticate a user or for account verification.

One Time Password SMS Services, in India, has come up with a good demand with so many active users of Payment Gateways and Subscribers of Online Services.

Voice SMS brings business and hence are being used as an effective marketing tool these days. If the message is conveyed in local language, it attracts more visitors.

Outbound Dialers are therefore the right choice for all your business needs. Our voice SMS solutions are designed to make communication personalized and effective.

We take immense pleasure in announcing the launch of our yet another rich and future-ready web product called Bulk Email.

As the name suggests, this product enables you to connect with your customers and promote your products and offers through one of the most trusted and most widely used media, which is  E-mail. Join us and experience the best in Bulk E-mail, another innovative product from our family.